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Read relevant external publications prepared by organisations working with TRF and TRF+.


The good news from Pakistan
Sir Michael Barber, Reform, March 2013

This report will help to understand what a roadmap is and how it works. It recounts the experience of the Punjab School Reform Roadmap, launched in 2011. Since then officials have been implementing an ambitious reform to improve more than 50,000 schools in the province. 


Health systems


Achieving coverage with quality: a seminar on purchasing and quality in the context of UHC
HLSP Institute summary brief, June 2014

Universal health coverage (UHC) is a topical issue, yet in discussions about service expansion, quality is often neglected. As countries strive to expand health service coverage, what can be done to ensure that a focus on quality is also maintained? A seminar in January 2014 attempted to answer this question by examining the cases of three countries at different stages of progression towards UHC: Ghana, South Africa and the UK.

Health care financing in the Asia Pacific region
Dan Whitaker, Veronica Walford and Ben David, HLSP Institute, July 2013

This paper provides an overview of the challenges of financing health care in a region where many countries are striving to achieve universal health coverage. It examines the contributions of the public and private sectors, and considers the future of external development aid. Although it does not cover Pakistan, many of the implications discussed will be relevant to those interested in aid modalities and donor assistance. 

Essential health packages: what are they for? What do they change?
Catriona Waddington, HLSP Institute, June 2013

Essential health packages (EHPs) are often discussed in the context of universal health coverage, but there are many different interpretations and expectations of what an EHP can deliver. This paper is a practical aid for people involved in those discussions. It explores the various definitions of EHPs, key design issues and the importance of understanding the context to address implementation challenges. 

Scaling up health services: challenges and choices
Catriona Waddington, HLSP Institute, July 2012

This paper clarifies the way the term is used, presents the objectives of different types of scaling up, and highlights lessons from implementation. It discusses common challenges and choices that have to be made, such as which interventions should be scaled up; who will champion scaling up and deliver the interventions; how to deal with equity concerns; financing; timing, sequencing and monitoring. 


Fragile federal states

Towards a framework for better donor engagement in fragile federal states: lessons from Balochistan
Jack Eldon and Steve Commins, HLSP Institute, May 2012

Working in federal states that have pockets of fragility and conflict poses particular problems for donor agencies; existing approaches may be inadequate to the challenge. This paper aims to stimulate thinking on how to develop more effective strategies for engagement to improve governance and service delivery, focusing on the role of sub-national political settlements, and proposes a simple framework to help practitioners think through the issues. A summary brief is also available.