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TRF+ technical staff 

  • Team Leader: Farooq Azam 
  • Roadmap Director: Fenton Whelan
  • Roadmap Project Manager: Emma Hannay
  • Punjab Team Leader: Vacant
  • Team Leader - KP: Mohammad Rahman Khattak
  • Health Specialist - Punjab: Qamar Salman
  • District Health Specialist - KP: Abid Hussain Shah 
  • Nutrition Specialist - Punjab: Amara Khan
  • Health Finance Specialist: Afeef Mahmood
  • MNCH Specialist - Punjab: Syed Zakir Hussain Shah
  • RMNCH and Nutrition Specialist - KP: Shabnam Afridi
  • M&E Specialist - Punjab: Akram Rana
  • M&E Specialist - KP: Pamela Sequeira
  • Public Financial Management: Diane Northway 
  • Capacity Development Specialist and Project Director: Jack Eldon


Our technical teams are assisted by skilled operational staff based in Peshawar and Lahore.