About us

Guiding principles


We are committed to development, poverty reduction and the improvement of health and nutrition for women and children. 


We continually seek feedback from the government, health sector managers and consultants to improve TA delivery and management performance.

Strategic and participative approach 

We support consultative and responsive TA planning processes through government-led annual planning processes.

Flexibility and responsiveness 

We are sensitive to the requirements of rapidly evolving health systems in Pakistan and are able to respond flexibly to immediate TA needs.

Government ownership and responsibility

We ensure government ownership during all stages of the TA cycle and promote the demand for better performance and accountability.

Promoting sustainability

We recognise that local responsibility is the foundation of sustainability and promote this through capacity building and strengthening government systems.

Lesson learning and sharing

We are committed to sharing the lessons learned from our experience and will disseminate these on our website and through publications.